• Discipline is the first and foremost priority. Students must come to school in time. The students must be in their respective class room at least five minutes before the first bell rings.
  • Regularity and punctuality is an education in itself. Attendance, adding upto 80% of the total number of working days, is compulsory for all the students. Students with 100% attendance will be given due recognition. Long absence without leave shall terminate admission of the child. Readmission will be subject to principal's discretion.
  • Cleanliness is next to goodliness. All students should come to school in proper, neat and clean uniform. Their shoes should be property polished and nails evenly cut. Any students, who come to school in improper, unclean and dirty uniform will be fined.
  • Valuable articles and money should not be brought to school. Mobile phones are not allowed in the school premises. If any student is found carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated and not returned.
  • The belongings of the students (books, notebooks, tiffins, water bottles, uniforms articles) must bear the name of the owner. The school will not be responsible for any such items that get lost.
  • Students must participate and attend all school activities, functions etc. In case of absence, an application duly signed by the parents and stating the reason should be submitted in school office, atleast three days prior, failing which the student will be fined.
  • All the students are expected to take care of the school property and abide by the rules and regulations framed by the school. Any violation of rules will be looked into and will be severely dealt with.
  • Humbleness and politeness are expected from all the members of the school. Rude and argumentative behavior with the teachers and seniors, and bossiness with other, will be strictly dealt with.
  • The students should complete their work in time and should adhere to timelines for the completion of assignments, projects etc.
  • A continuous evaluation of the students will be done, in the form of monitoring of class room activities, completion of work, assignments, projects, behavior inside and outside the class room; participation in school activities; volunteering for school activities; attendance; uniform etc. These all will be reflected in the annual progress report of the child.

The Principal has the right to refuse continuation of the studies to a student whose conduct or influence is unsatisfactory.

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