The school provides safe transport facility to the students.

  • The stoppages are fixed as per the nearest accessible place for the buses, from the residences of the students.
  • No child will be allowed to change the bus, allotted to him/her, without prior intimation to the school office.
  • The students are expected to travel in proper discipline in their buses. Any harm/damage to the bus seats; use of unfair language, fighting with fellows etc. will be taken into consideration and an appropriate fine will be charged from those who will be found guilty.
  • The students will not be allowed to eat in the bus and discarding of trash inside or outside the buses will not be permitted.
  • The students, in no case, will be allowed to come to school on their bikes, cars etc. The students have to come to school either on their bicycles; parents should drop them to school or they should travel by school transport.
  • The school will be charging very nominal transport fee, which is to be paid on quarterly basis, along with the tuition fee.
  • For discontinuation of the school, a proper information to be given to school office. Bus fees will be charged till the school office is informed in writing.
  • No child will be allowed to go to his/her friends or relatives place from the school; until a written approval is taken by the parents from the school office.
  • If parents have any query/complaint regarding transport system, they should contact the school office on any working day.
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