Our Vision
  • The school aims at uplifting the standards of the rural children and helps in preparing them for their future age of competitions and arm them with quality education by which we mean the academic, mental, physical and emotional upliftment of the students.
  • School’s logo signifies – “Learn to Achieve Goal”. The students as well as the teachers are motivated to “Look up” and “Lift up” means, be it the teachers or the students, they have to set for themselves high standards, goals and aspirations in every sphere of life, and leave no stone unturned to achieve that standards and goals.
  • The students are guided to cultivate a clear cut idea of what they want to become and to lead a powerful and progressive life towards that which will help them to gain inner strength and develop into positive personalities.
  • Every member in the school is taught to be independent and original, different from the crowd, as the saying goes
“To flow with the stream is easy, but to swim against the current needs guts”

So everyone should keep the heads and shoulders high above the rest but with no snobbery or superiority. They are taught to be just humble and learn to earn respect. Every effort is made to transform the young innocent minds into excellent and responsible citizens of the country; understanding sons and daughters and great human souls.

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